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The game Gates of Olympus

Start playing gate of olympus online right now.


Online slot Gates of Olympus

Online slot Gates of Olympus

Gates of Olympus is an interesting slot game released by Pragmatic Play. It is imbued with the atmosphere of ancient Greece. Players will be able to try their luck and challenge Zeus himself. The slot is characterized by high profitability, allows you to get big wins. However, the risks also exist. To increase the chances, it is necessary to study the slot in detail before starting the game, familiarize yourself with the existing strategies.

More about the game Gates of Olympus

Players choose Slot Gates of Olympus for its colorful design, interesting features, big multipliers. In the center there are 6 rotating drums. Each of them consists of 5 cells, on which are applied a variety of symbols. The player's task is to collect a combination of them to get the winnings.

Game process of Gates of Olympus

The design of the game has been thought out in detail. On the right is the main god of Olympus, Zeus. He will accompany the player during the whole session.

Gates of Olympus is often compared to the Sweet Bonanza slot machine. At first glance, they are similar. However, there is a significant difference in mechanics. There is a large percentage of returns, which allows you to get good winnings. But do not forget about the volatility. It is possible to not get money for quite a long time. However, a successful bet is able to cover all the costs.

You should not give in to excitement. Remember that gambling is always associated with risks. Use only those funds that you are not afraid of losing.

Symbols and value

There are 9 basic symbols used in the application. They are as follows:

  • crown;
  • hours;
  • a ring;
  • cup;
  • red rock;
  • purple stone;
  • yellow stone;
  • green stone;
  • blue stone.

Symbols of the game Gates of Olympus are placed in descending order of value. For the fall of crowns accrue the highest income. If the screen appears on the screen at once 12-30 such symbols, the user will get a multiplier x 50. The least valued are blue stones. The maximum multiplier for their fallout is x 2.5.

The crown symbol in the game


12 - 30 crowns x50

The clock symbol in the game


12 - 30 hours x25

The ring symbol in the game


12 - 30 rings x15

The cup symbol in the game


12 - 30 cups x12

The image of Zeus may also appear. In the slot Gates of Olympus, he acts as a scatter - triggers bonus rounds. The user will be able to get a free game, if 4 or more pictures with the Thunderer will fall out at the same time. Also provides cash prizes.

There are additional symbols in the slot machine. They are represented in the form of circles with wings of 1 of 4 colors:

  • green;
  • blue;
  • purple;
  • red.

Such symbols play the role of multipliers. They can fall out both in the regular and in the bonus round. The user gets a multiplier in the amount from x 2 to x 500. Interestingly, the color of the picture does not matter. It does not affect the final coefficient.

Official website of the application

Gates of Olympus slot machine is placed on the site of different casinos. For the publication of the slot is enough to have the desire of the company and the conclusion of a partnership agreement with the author of the Gates of Olympus. For this reason, the single official site of Gates of Olympus plays an informational role. The slot can be accessed from any page, if it belongs to a reliable casino that is registered and operates in compliance with the established standards.

Go to the site of Gates of Olympus, you can play a demo version of the game, get information about promo codes and bonuses. Additionally, you will be able to find out information about the volatility of the slot and the percentage of return.

Gates of Olympus 1WIN

Gates of Olympus 1WIN

Gates of Olympus Vavada

Gates of Olympus Vavada

Gates of Olympus Pin-UP

Gates of Olympus Pin-UP

Registration in the system

To start playing in Gates of Olympus, you need to go through the registration procedure. To do this, you will have to act according to the following scheme:

  1. Choose casinos Gates of Olympus. Developers cooperate with a large number of companies, so the player will be able to find the one he likes best. Links to affiliate casinos are available on the official website The Gates of Olympus.
  2. Go to the casino page and go through the registration procedure at Gates of Olympus online. To do this, you need to specify login, password, e-mail address. Sometimes you need a phone number. Enter only data that corresponds to reality. Remember that the information will need to confirm.
  3. Confirm registration to play Gates of Olympus Pragmatic. To do this, you need to follow the link in the letter or enter the code from the sms. Sometimes verification is required. It is needed to withdraw funds. This is how casinos protect themselves from fraudsters and prevent theft of money. Verification may require the entry of passport data. However, you can start playing slot machines for money without going through the procedure.
  4. Authorize in the system. After that, the user has full access to all the features of the casino, will be able to play for real money and get winnings in Gates of Olympus in rubles.

How do I play Gates of Olympus?

Olympus Gate game is available on phones, tablets, computers. To start using the slot, it is not necessary to download the application to your device. You can play online. To do this, you need to:

  1. Go to the slot page at casino.
  2. Fund your account. It is not necessary to deposit money right away. You can see the preview and explore the possibilities in the demo version. However, this way you will not be able to earn. Winnings will be awarded only for bets using real money.
  3. Start the Gates of Olympus slot and click on the "Play" button.
  4. Wait for the download to complete. It will take place online. You will not have to download anything to your phone or computer.
  5. Set the bet size and click start game

It is better to determine a suitable strategy in advance and stick to it. This approach will increase the chance of winning.


Bonuses and promo codes

Playing Slot Gates of Olympus for money, the player can cut costs. The system provides additional bonuses. They come in the following types:

  • reel spins, available for free;
  • possibility to increase the amount in rubles for replenishment;
  • a refund of some of the money you lost.

By utilizing the bonuses, the player will be able to play the app longer and increase the chances of winning.

However, you need to take into account the rules of the slot Gates of Olympus. Bonuses accrued in rubles must be wagered. If this is not done, you will not be able to withdraw funds. You can find out the required wagering percentage on the promotion page.

Minimum and maximum bet in the game

The developers who created Slot Gates of Olympus tried to make its use accessible. The minimum bet size is only 16 rubles. This is a small amount. The presence of such requirements makes the application available to most users.

The maximum bet size is 10 thousand rubles. This limitation allows you to win large sums.

Maximum winnings

The user can catch a big win in Gates of Olympus. The size of the maximum winnings is x 5000 of the bet. If it will be 10 thousand rubles, you can win 50 million rubles.

Can I play for free?

There is a free play feature for new players. It is available in the demo version of the application. Using it, the user does not spend his money. He makes bets at the expense of the system's funds. It is not possible to earn in this way. Casino will not pay out winnings received in demo mode. However, play online for free is still worth it. Using the demo application will allow:

  • Understand all the features of Gates of Olympus without spending your money at the initial stage;
  • test strategies, see which ones work;
  • to study the innovations that have taken place, to assess their possibilities;
  • Analyze all the features of the application without fear of losing money.

The user can stop playing for free at any time and switch to the standard mode. To do this, just switch to the classic version, replenish your account and bet online. It is better to start playing for money only after you have gained confidence in your abilities. Thus, Gates of Olympus is a slot that allows you to get winnings of up to 50 million rubles. It is enough to make a bet and catch luck by the tail. You can test the system for free. For players who first started using casino online, there is a demo mode. Additionally, there are a large number of bonuses and opportunities to increase the bet for free. However, the user should be prepared for the fact that such income will have to be wagering. It is important to realize that there is a risk of losing. You need to keep this fact in mind and use only funds that you are not afraid to lose. This approach will allow you to enjoy the game Gates of Olympus